Saturday, December 20, 2008

meryy Christmas movies.

merry Christmas. it's the most wonderful time of the year. to truly celebrate, you MUST watch these movies and/or tv specials.

-The Muppet Christmas Carol
-Opus & Bill: A Wish For Wings That Work
-Home Alone 1 & 2
-Ernest Saves Christmas
-Will Cinton's Claymation Christmas
-The Nativity Story
-Miracle on 34th St. (the remake)
-It's A Wonderful Life
-Jingle All The Way
-The Santa Clause (1, 2 & 3)

Sunday, November 30, 2008


i was always a bigger Arnold fan, so growing up, i missed a lot of Stallone movies. I had never seen a single Rambo or Rocky movie, sorecently we had a Rambo marathon and last week i had a Rocky marathon. They are both raw franchises.

Rocky movies are kind of like Jason movies, they stick to the same basic formula almost every time and it works.

Rocky- Raw
Rocky II- Raw
Rocky III- Okay
Rocky IV- Shame
Rocky V-Shame
Rocky Balboa- Raw

Most people I've talked to who are fans of the Rocky franchise think that part four is awesome for some reason. It has it's moments, but rich Rocky and the dancing robot butler are just too shame.

Rambo is also raw.

First Blood- Raw
Rambo: First Blood Part 2: Okay
Rambo III- Raw
Rambo: Raw

The "Most Raw" award for the Rocky series will have to go to the original while the same award goes to the fourth installment in the Rambo series... "Rambo".

Friday, November 14, 2008

a josh top 10 (graphic novels)

Let’s do my personal top 10 graphic novels. As always, this is one man’s opinion and isn’t worth any fuss. I do, however, urge anyone who isn’t really into comic books to give some of these a try and see what you think. Any Barnes and Noble or Borders has nice comfy chairs and books to choose from if you want to take an hour and give something a try.

10. Planet Hulk: The Illuminati, a secret gathering of the world’s most powerful “super” people including Charles Xavier and Tony Stark, forge a plan to rid the world of the increasing threat presented by the Hulk, aka dr. Bruce Banner. But their plan to shoot him into space leaves the Hulk on a vicious alien planet to which he ultimately becomes king. It sounds bizarre, I know, but it is a truly dynamic and epic story.

9. The Long Halloween: Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent spend a year trying to bring the mysterious killer known only as “Holiday” to justice, but at what cost? This story is so well written it was ultimately one of a handful of comic inspirations for Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.

8. The Watchmen: Anyone who is into comic books will tell you that “The Watchmen”, written by Alan Moore, one of the most notoriously strange writers in the comic world, is one of the greats, and it is. It’s actually so complex and so engrossing that it’s hard to describe. It broke a whole mess of ground, set a new standard for the comic medium and to this day seems to be without peer in many ways. Movie looks cool too.

7. The Tick (The Naked City): This collection of Ben Edlund first few Tick comics is easily one of the funniest things I’ve read in my life. It is comically timed and drawn to such utmost perfection that you have to read it over and over again.

6. The Walking Dead (Vol.1): I was in a comic shop in California that had little index cards beneath popular titles to summarize the kind of book it was to new readers. The one under Walking Dead said something like: “A character driven post-apocalyptic zombie soap opera that is as addictive as crack”, and I’m not sure I’ve heard it described better. This is one of few books that leave even my wife hanging for the next installment like it was an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

5. Bone (One Volume Edition): Most people describe Bone as “bugs Bunny meets Lord Of The Rings” and that’s kind of right, but maybe not enough. This is a 1,200-page epic that takes perfectly done elements of cartoon and adventure fantasy and smashes them together amazingly.

4. Captain America (Omnibus):
Ed brubaker is one of the best writers in the comic world right now. What a blessing it is to have him writing Captain America. This collection gives you the first 20 something issues penned by Ed, a man who knows how to write Cap the way he deserves to be written, and who ultimately penned his death.

3. Civil War:
One of the most enthralling events in the marvel universe. A government appointed “superhuman registration act” forces the countries heroes to reveal their identities and sign with the government to fight crime lest they face arrest and imprisonment. This splits the heroes into two groups, those who support the registration act, led by Tony stark aka iron man, and those who defy the government and fight for the right to serve the public on their own watch, led by the man himself, Captain America

2. The Dark Knight Returns: Again, this is one of the big dogs in the comic world and is largely responsible for taking Batman out of the world of the cartoon and camp and into a darker, grittier, cooler place. Like “Watchmen” this is an 80’s book that raised the bar high. Thanks Frank Millar.

1. The Maxx: (Vol.1):
The Maxx is a beyond bizarre, hard to understand and even harder to explain epic 35 issue series about a homeless man who lives in a box and believes he is a superhero that defends his social worker in prehistoric Australia. Man is it cool.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

another interview.

if you have a pc (i pity you... just kidding) but you can listen to this interview with josh.

one week left in tour. more news to come.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

early DVD art...

Just got this first draft from Landon...


On a less exciting note, we found out last night that our insurance will not cover any of the items stolen from our van...

We lost all our In The Boat equipemnt (some $3,000 worth...) a canon and nikon camera, 4 ipods, 8 grand or so in cash, a sony handycam, our wallets, purses, etc. etc.


but on the bright side, all these things are fleeting and you can't take them with you. no use crying over spilled milk.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008




This morning we woke up to find that our van and trailer had been stolen from outside the house we were sleeping at in Rancho Cordova, California.

Through the help of the Rancho Cordova Police Department and Councilman Ken Cooley, our van and trailer were discovered a few hours later on the side of the road just a mile away. The thief even used a couple of our debit cards at a local chevron station where many cameras were around, and left a healthy amount of fingerprints in the grime of our dirty van. CSI is on the case... really.

Thankfully, whoever robbed us couldn't get into our trailer, so the Showbread equipment is all still with us. Unfortunately, they did manage to gut our van pretty thoroughly. Among the things stolen were some five thousand dollars in photography/videography equipment, 4 ipods, 3 cell phones, 4 wallets, social security cards, and thousands of dollars in cash, etc. etc... Just fleeting things of the material world that don't really matter at all.

They even stole our coats, ricky's food, and Patrick's bible! But they left a nintendo DS, what an insult.

We're working to get our back window repaired and we'll hopefully be rejoining the tour with Maylene tomorrow in Hollywood, California.

There was a HUGE flood of support from all our friends. People offered prayers and encouraging words and all kinds of things and it honestly means the world to us. So if you prayed, wrote, called or emailed, thank you so much for being a friend.

We have insurance, and we're hoping that the "good hands" we're in with Allstate will come through for us.

Several people asked about supporting us with donations. Currently we have no cash and no cards and a big dent in our account with several weeks left of tour to go... Our version of "in need" at this point pales in comparison to those who really are in need, so we'd hate to suggest that we're worse off than we really are, so don't think that. We're actually just fine, our spirits are high, we are thankful and all things considered the situation ended amazingly well. We do have a small hole in our wallet, so for those that asked and feel led to help, you can use the button below. Don't feel obligated in any way, but if you do feel so led, know that it humbles us greatly and means more than we can say.

Know this though, if for some reason insurance covers the stolen cash, your donations will be redirected to Compassion International, to those REALLY in need...

again, thanks everyone, what a wild day.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

you wouldn't like me when i'm hungry...

(according to Josh...)

Krystal has little burgers kind of like White Castle, but far superior in my opinion. Really greasy, low grade fast food but so so delicious... and being that it's only in the south east, you can get a large sweet tea with your combo! Mmmm...

Reb Robin is kind of like an Applebees or Chili's type family restaurant that specializes in gourmet burgers. Among restaurants of this ilk, Red Robin is king. There are a few here and there around the country but they are mostly on the west coast.

Sheetz is actually a gas station that has self-order kiosks where, using only a finger, you can punch in exactly how you like your burger, egg salad, espresso or breakfast roll to name only a few. It's cheap and pretty darn good but the catch is that it's only in the north east...

As far as I know Muchas is only in the Portland/Vancouver Washington area. It's pretty dirty and scummy and the clerks rarely speak english, but for 3 bucks you can get a burrito the size of your forearm that urinates grease on you as you eat. Yummy!

Oh how Showbread loves Del Taco. It is the mexican fast food joint to end all mexican fast food joints. You can find the occasional Del Taco in sporadic locations around the US, but like Red Robin, they abound on the west coast. Try the spicy chicken burrito!

If you have a Chipotle near you, be thankful! There is only one in the entire state of Georgia and it's 4 hours away from where we live. They are getting easier and easier to find but still aren't as plentiful as we'd like (we'd like 3 in every city). Showbread, like many people, loves Chipotle so much that we will literally eat it every single day if it is available. There are simply fewer things in this entire world that taste better, or even half as good as a Chipotle burriot. I'm serious.

There are mongolian grill's all over the place (and even crappy over priced chain locations like BD's)... But of all the ones I've been to, and I've been to many, none can compare to Yummy Mongolian Grill in Vancouver Washington. To put it simply, I truly believe this is what I will eat in Heaven.

Friday, October 10, 2008

gluttony challenges.

ricky and dallas compete in a red bull chugging contest. caleb from attack ataack joins in and comes in second place with 5 red bulls. ricky drinks 6. dallas? 2.
Not to be outdone, Jake from Maylene eats an entire jar of mayoniase for $50.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

tour update #1

this is what it's like playing in the northeast:

if you come to see us play in the northeast and are nice to us, you make us feel like this:

tour is great, everyone is nice... photo updates to follow...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

no future for anyone...

from the forum:

[quote="CJtheSloth"]I am just very concerned:

I am hoping that Showbread will continue to serve in the same capacity they always have... I've been worried because Garrett and Landon are both gone, the other members have been dropping like flies, the raw rock productions blog seems to be almost disparaging, and the official website has gone down... I really do hope Showbread will press on. I know it's hard, but there are very many people (as evidenced by this forum) who are very dedicated and moved by Showbread.

Follow God, but I hope I'm just reading too far into these things.


yo. let's be real...

i honestly feel as though God has much more work for raw rock to do, and the four of us are ready to work as long as he tells us to keep working. i think that if he told just one of us to keep working we'd do that as well...

thing is, when you have member changes there are always going to be questions about the stability of a band. a lot of people (not pointing anyone out here on the forum or anything) think that member changes mean declining quality or a shakey future for a band but thus far in showbread it has ALWAYS meant improvement. not to say anything bad about the guys who have left so far, but i really believe they all left because of divine reasons... whether or not God called them to something else or God just dismissed them from the band because they weren't right for the job.

to me, it's encouraging. right before our most important, message based record came out, God started yanking out members who weren't appropriate the carry that message... it means he's always working and ever faithful to the work he's doing in us.

landon and garrett were touring guys, and we love them, but we feel like it's time to tour with band members right now, not live members (unless they are programmed fem-bots...) will people say it's not the same with a different line? of course, and they'll be right... it's not the same, it's totally different, and praise the Lord! change is one of the only things (in my opinion) that keeps music interesting... and believe me, we aren't afraid of it.

to be honest, this last tour was rough. it had its good points but it was rough. i talked about it on the blog because i'd rather be straight up with you guys than give you some superficial update about nothing. so tour was rough, no big deal, it happens.

the set we have planned for this tour supporting maylene is WILD. please come see it. the support of the true RAW ROCK MILITIA means the world to us... in the end, we do what we do for Jesus, and he blesses people through it. there are people who don't like change and don't like us and i honestly couldn't care less. raw rock endures in His name. if there's one person being blessed, praise His name.

more new demos are being recorded. I think that with this new lineup, we can make something we've always wanted to but never could with previous members in the band... and being done with such a huge concept frees us up to focus on the musical approach... and man, is it RAW.

more to come... -J. Dies

Friday, August 22, 2008

take me home.

tour has become slightly uncomfortable. it is very hot. the turn out for shows is pretty bad (last night we played for the other bands on the tour and one fan...) been sleeping in the van and driving overnight a bit. today the door fell off the trailer. during a friendly wrestling match last night mike and i got in a fight and i yelled at him and he pushed me into a wall (we hugged and made up...) spirits are low. but we still laugh a lot. learning to be grateful for every little thing, even when it's no fun. it's a tough lesson.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

days 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, etc. etc.

played tomfest. watched mxpx. spent a day with some cute kittens. drove to roseburg oregon and played the best show of the tour so far (thanks roseburg). chased each other around with dookie in a bag. stayed with nice/interesting folks who anointed us with oil. drove through montana and wyoming... saw the sun rise in montana while driving. played a legion hall in wyoming. drove to denver, woke up in a barnes and noble parking lot. went inside and read new avengers. got a call from bank of america about a huge negative balance, went online and looked at our account to find we had become the victims of identity theft. someone in tokyo has taken over $10,000 dollars from showbread running us a gigantic negative balance. no banks of america in denver (why?). had chipotle with new friend staphanie with compassion international, struck up a showbread/compassion team and learned a lot. none of the other bands showed for the show in denver so the venue canceled the show. apologized to kids. went to see new film by alex aja (high tension, hills have eyes) called "mirrors". ricky, patrick and i enjoyed it, landon and abi despised it. drove overnight to utah. hung out in borders and hastings. read more new avengers and an awesome graphic novel called "pride of Baghdad" (check it out). played a "no uniform" show in front of about 6 or 7 kids, had fun. drove overnight to southern california. stopped at bank of america and talked to reps, filed a claim and an investigation is underway, hopefully we will get our money back, God will provide. went to AWESOME comic shop in laguna niguel called "Nuclear Comics". got new walking dead, secret invasion, astonishing x-men and batman. landon and ricky got lost on some scooters in the wilderness and came back with road rash. we sat in a hot tub at our good friend kendall's who always takes great care of us. ate delicious tri-tip steak courtesy of kendall's grill. woke up today ready to go play the legendary whiskey a go-go in hollywood tonight for a second time.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

day six.

after staying in new mexico, woke up and drove to phoenix. drank a "mega moo size" chocolate milk 5 minutes before going on stage (1 quart, 880 calories)... played and began 30 hour drive to Kelso, WA. highlights of the drive include ricky and i jamming Korn's first album, getting a spicy chicken burrito from a 24 hour del taco while everyone else was asleep and reading the new issue of Hulk (who the heck is the red hulk?) got an oil change at walmart, got more del-taco, kept driving. got to in-laws house and went to sleep. sleep feels good. got up and drove to tacoma to play a fun show. came back to in-laws to play wii fit and eat spaghetti before resting up for tomfest tomorrow.
PICTURED (top to bottom): I hit my knee climbing over the seat (notice the vein in my neck on the brink of explosion).
Vanessa finds out here wii fit age is 153.
Patrick plugs in lights while eating orange spaghetti.
vanessa rebukes artsy bumper sticker.
ricky gets ready for raw.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

day three.

got to the show and found out none of the other bands showed up. promoter moved us to a venue down the street where we opened for hawthorne heights and armor for sleep. this was all well and good, but the highlight was of course was del taco. next stop: phoenix. the hottest place in the country... and introducing to the merch table, what could easily be the coolest showbread shirt we've ever had (see final picture)...
p.s. the camera with the pictures from day two went dead and abi didn't bring the charger. blame her.

Monday, August 4, 2008

day one.

eft late last night and woke up this morning to find Ricky in the driver's seat with the van wobbling out of control. Turns out an entire trailer wheel was somehow ripped from the trailer, tire, rim, lugs and all simply ripped away and vanished. weird huh?
after a fix up we were on our way and making uniform shirts to sell to the nice kids in arkansas. next stop: oklahoma city (home of Wayne Coyne and birthplace of The Flaming Lips, raw.)