Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today we wish Arnold Schwarzenegger a very happy 61st birthday.
Arnold is raw.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

who will watch the watchmen?

i just finished reading the watchmen. if you've never heard of this, its a graphic novel written by alan moore, and is arguably the greatest of its medium. i'm not going to say that its the best graphic novel i've ever read, but it is one of the best. this is an anti super hero story with lots of commentary on politics and society throughout. the plot wasn't what i was expecting at all, but the whole story blew me away, and left with a lot to think about. the movie adaptation is on its way,(you might have seen the trailer for it before the dark night)and it looks like it'll be jam up. so if you like comic books or not, this is a good read.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Today the Porter dad took us out into the field to learn more about firing guns.

On a similar topic, we've never seen any Rambo movies so we're currently having a Rambo-a-thon... when i finish this post, Rambo 3 begins!

he's no Arnold... but he's alright.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

patrick's top ten movies

here's my top ten favorite movies...

10. gangs of new york
bill the butcher is raw. the last time i watched
this, i started throwing knives in my living room. my wife didn't like this. so mike and i went outside to throw his buck knife at a tree until the knife broke.

9. hellboy 2
hellboy is awesome. i loved the first movie, and
this sequel went above and beyond. hellboy's story is huge and
limitless. and he loves ca
ts. a demon with a heart of gold.

8. 28 weeks later this is the same deal as hellboy. i loved the first one, and i loved the sequel even more. it looked jam up, and i loved the social commentary. the ending was cool too.

7. fight club ever since the first time is saw this movie, i have made it my life ambition to bottom out. to not care about materialism. to live in an old house that has brown water coming out the sink. and to have abs like tyler durden.

6. indiana jones and the last crusade this is one of the first non animated movies i saw in the theaters as a kid. the part where the nazi drinks the wrong cup scarred me for years. but i love watching indy swing around and punch nazis and fly airplanes. he can do no wrong.(unless he's fighting aliens)

5. terminator 2: judgement day arnold's best movie. cameron's best movie. the terminator is so raw in this that there's really nothing else to say. its just too raw.

4. 300 this was the first movie i saw in imax. and it ruled. it looked amazing. and i love the story of the hero who doesn't win. it makes his cause seem so much bigger when he fights knowing he can't win. as soon as we left the theater after viewing this for the first time, we went to the sporting goods store to buy some push up bars.

3. evil dead 2:dead by dawn i love this movie. everything about it. its my favorite of the series. its not a perfect movie, but that's what makes it so good. its funny, scary, and doesn't make a lot of sense.

2. batman begins batman is my favorite comic book character. christopher nolan took this hero and put him on the screen with perfection. christian bale is batman. this movie presents a great origin story and the characters are so perfectly casted that you can't take your eyes off of the screen from start to finish.

1. the dark knight how anyone who has seen this could say that its not the greatest movie they've ever seen is beyond me. this is not only my favorite movie. it is the greatest movie ever made. the story is gripping, i was praying that it would never end. christopher nolan-best director, heath ledger-best actor, the dark knight-best movie; give them the oscars, they deserve it. this is as good as it gets. there is none better.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Josh top 10 (movies)

recently I've had a few people ask me for my top 10 favorite movies. let me stress this is my list, so it only represents my personal top 10, not the top 10 movies of all time or in general. therefore, it can't be right, wrong or cowrong. why should you care what my top 10 would be? you shouldn't, it doesn't matter. so here they are:

The third installment in George A. Romero's socially poignant "Living Dead" quadrilogy is the most gruesome and bleak of the lot. Highlights include Captain Rhodes final act of nastiness: screaming "Choke on 'em!" to the ghouls eating his entrails. And of course, every moment with "Bub" on screen.

9. THE FLY (1986)
Davis Cronenberg's remake of the 1958 film somehow likens a scientists slow transformation from human to... gross, drippy, bug thing... to the experience of watching a loved one wither in the hands of cancer or HIV. Terrifying and more than a bit emotionally draining.

I saw this movie 5 times in the theater when i was a kid. To this day it is a scary and exciting thrill ride... with dinosaurs!


A story of a dystopian world full of infertile women. This movie leaves you floored in almost every way possible.


Jim Henson blends the amazing fantasy of his epic The Dark Crystal with the humor of The Muppet Show. That is all that need be said.

yeah. raw.

Charlie Babbitt travels across the county with his autistic brother Raymond and in doing so learns to understand the handicap of his own pride. Or something like that.


An incredibly epic life story that takes you through decades and all over the world, seen through the eyes of a humble, mentally handicapped man.

This love story mixes a dystopian earth with elements of awesome science fiction and comedy. With hardly any dialogue throughout, you get one of the most magical movies ever put on screen.

A very special movie that blends elements of black comedy with some kind of fantasy, child like quality. Very rare to get something so unusual, and so good. Sometimes good movies are made to look stupid in the media, just look at the "got milk?"" adds for The Dark Knight.

and there you have it folks. i suppose this list only reflects a "current" top 10, there will always be new (and hopefully great) movies coming out... not to mention the Captain America movie doesn't come out until 2011. It was kind of hard to make, even up to the number one movie i had the hardest time choosing. Other movies that probably should be in there somewhere or maybe start at number 11 would be: Evil Dead 2, The Thing, Aliens, American Psycho, The Prestige, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Lilo and Stitch, Edward Scissorhands, The Dark Crystal and Batman Begins...
But you know... you can't fit everything and my opinion isn't worth much anyway... just a lot of money spent on movie tickets and DVD's i guess.

Top 10 lists coming soon: Best graphic novels and greatest horror movies of all time!

oh, and of course, this list is not an encouragement to see any of these movies... some of them are rated R and/or will upset someone in some way, so you know, to each his or her own.


i dare the other jerks in the band to challenge my list.

the eater of worlds...

abi and i are about to fight Galactus in the Wii version of "Ultimate Alliance"...
i win most valuable hero at the end of every level...
i, of course, am cap... she is wolverine.



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