Sunday, November 30, 2008


i was always a bigger Arnold fan, so growing up, i missed a lot of Stallone movies. I had never seen a single Rambo or Rocky movie, sorecently we had a Rambo marathon and last week i had a Rocky marathon. They are both raw franchises.

Rocky movies are kind of like Jason movies, they stick to the same basic formula almost every time and it works.

Rocky- Raw
Rocky II- Raw
Rocky III- Okay
Rocky IV- Shame
Rocky V-Shame
Rocky Balboa- Raw

Most people I've talked to who are fans of the Rocky franchise think that part four is awesome for some reason. It has it's moments, but rich Rocky and the dancing robot butler are just too shame.

Rambo is also raw.

First Blood- Raw
Rambo: First Blood Part 2: Okay
Rambo III- Raw
Rambo: Raw

The "Most Raw" award for the Rocky series will have to go to the original while the same award goes to the fourth installment in the Rambo series... "Rambo".


Robert Cochran said...

first comment! ya am not into rambo but the first rocky is pretty sick.

joe said...

Rambo/Rocky are some of the Rawest films on the planet.

We know most your film and literature interests. I'm curious about Showbread's sports interests... if they have any.

Sports are Raw.

Anonymous said...

The Rocky series has been a favorite of mine for most of my life. I've only recently picked up the Rambo movies to watch over my upcoming vacation.

Anonymous said...

sushi is raw

fair one said...

Andrews Schwab should have an action movie series. Jean Reno and H├ęctor Elizondo should probably be in one or more of the movies also. Four sounds like a good number, just past a trilogy. Cameo parts for David Crowder and Aaron Sprinkle. I'd be hesitant to give Randy and Steven major supporting roles just so they don't get offed by the bad guys, but they'd still have to be pretty prominent. The soundtrack would feature Children 18:3, The Cinematic Underground, and of course Showbread.
Is John Williams available?

Anonymous said...

i was always more of an arnold fan, too. i grew up on the terminator and predator movies...saw both before the age of 5. :)

i must say that i like the rambo franchise better that rocky. but both are amazing.

peace and love.

A.J. said...

rocky 3 sucks. whichever has the one with the creepy russian guy, yeah, that sucks

Matt said...

The third rambo i thought was the best..