Tuesday, September 9, 2008

no future for anyone...

from the showbread.net forum:

[quote="CJtheSloth"]I am just very concerned:

I am hoping that Showbread will continue to serve in the same capacity they always have... I've been worried because Garrett and Landon are both gone, the other members have been dropping like flies, the raw rock productions blog seems to be almost disparaging, and the official website has gone down... I really do hope Showbread will press on. I know it's hard, but there are very many people (as evidenced by this forum) who are very dedicated and moved by Showbread.

Follow God, but I hope I'm just reading too far into these things.


yo. let's be real...

i honestly feel as though God has much more work for raw rock to do, and the four of us are ready to work as long as he tells us to keep working. i think that if he told just one of us to keep working we'd do that as well...

thing is, when you have member changes there are always going to be questions about the stability of a band. a lot of people (not pointing anyone out here on the forum or anything) think that member changes mean declining quality or a shakey future for a band but thus far in showbread it has ALWAYS meant improvement. not to say anything bad about the guys who have left so far, but i really believe they all left because of divine reasons... whether or not God called them to something else or God just dismissed them from the band because they weren't right for the job.

to me, it's encouraging. right before our most important, message based record came out, God started yanking out members who weren't appropriate the carry that message... it means he's always working and ever faithful to the work he's doing in us.

landon and garrett were touring guys, and we love them, but we feel like it's time to tour with band members right now, not live members (unless they are programmed fem-bots...) will people say it's not the same with a different line? of course, and they'll be right... it's not the same, it's totally different, and praise the Lord! change is one of the only things (in my opinion) that keeps music interesting... and believe me, we aren't afraid of it.

to be honest, this last tour was rough. it had its good points but it was rough. i talked about it on the blog because i'd rather be straight up with you guys than give you some superficial update about nothing. so tour was rough, no big deal, it happens.

the set we have planned for this tour supporting maylene is WILD. please come see it. the support of the true RAW ROCK MILITIA means the world to us... in the end, we do what we do for Jesus, and he blesses people through it. there are people who don't like change and don't like us and i honestly couldn't care less. raw rock endures in His name. if there's one person being blessed, praise His name.

more new demos are being recorded. I think that with this new lineup, we can make something we've always wanted to but never could with previous members in the band... and being done with such a huge concept frees us up to focus on the musical approach... and man, is it RAW.

more to come... -J. Dies