Sunday, January 25, 2009

still touring...

i'm on tour playing acoustic songs and reading from my books. Three weeks down, three weeks to go.

it has been amazingly fun so far, if you've come to see the tour, thanks!

i visited what is easily the best comic shop i've ever been to in austin texas (i guess texas isn't all bad...) it was called austin books and comics (simple enough).

i ate some chipotle. i drive a lot.

when it's abi's turn to drive i write songs... when i get back, Showbread is writing together before we go into the studio in April to record our new album The Fear Of God which will come out later this summer.

i'm in iowa. it is snowy and cold.


Vickay said...

I'm so incredibly stoked for the new album. =D

Anonymous said...

Josh, you should write a graphic novel.

Or partner up with an artist to make a graphic novel adaptation of The Spinal Cord Perception. :)

I'm excited about the new album.

Raw Rock Killer said...

I definitely once told you I went to Austin, Texas and you told me that Texas sucked. You were definitely mistaken.

landon d. mise said...

you be at looties crib tonight

bob vila-mcguyver said...

cant wait to see you in march and def. cant wait for the new album!

Anonymous said...

JOSH! thanks so much for the drawing.
i really miss the forum and

fair one said...

My amigos and I missed getting to see you in Conway, AR. The weather was icky and we sided with wisdom in not chancing the drive. A bit disappointing, but it just means we're looking forward to your or Showbread's next AR show! Godspeed & keep it raw!

e.r.i.c.a said...

I am pretty sad that I didnt' get to go see you in Wichita tonight. I had been looking forward to it for a while... :(

but the weather was just to crappy for my poor car.

oh well. I can't wait for the new album, and hopefully i'll see you on your next tour.

Anonymous said...

Okay so I was so pumped to come see you in Cleveland, Ga on your "acoustic" tour....but you didnt show and I was terribly sad :(

Colton said...

Man, what you got against Texas??? By the way your show was great in Austin, and I'll have to check that book store out, I've never heard of it. Can't wait for March.

adam the yoyo boy said...

The show in the small church in Oskaloosa was great.

Definitely eagerly awaiting the Fear of G-d.

good good stuff.

(and yeah, Iowa is cold)